LOVE Vintage Jewelry Mosaic

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Inspired by the Black Lives Matter Movement l, the LOVE reminds us that love is all around. 

Made with unusual vintage jewelry that include rhinestones, pearls, semi-precious stones, charms including a white rose for sympathy, a red Africa continent made with African fabric, a key to unlock the doors to mass incarceration, a Feather, belt buckle, a clock face that the time is now, a black cross, a Glock Gun to reflect Gun violence, a sunshine, Superman logo, GF for George Floyd. 

The words on this piece are Hope, Promise, Peace for All, and more. 

Other styles can include butterflies, hearts, crosses, meaningful symbols or almost anything you want added. 

This is can be ordered in other colors and charms as the PERFECT Wedding Gift or Anniversary Gift!

You can choose a color scheme (earth tones or more "bling-y") and special components to make it unique to the person or couple you are giving it to. Include colors of the wedding if you know them, or the person's favorite color. Include symbols or initial letters or other meaningful elements.

Each piece is made on a metal base and signed by artist. Can also be ordered on wood. 


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