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This is about more than weight loss. It's about stopping the diet and fitness roller coasters. It's about Slow Food and smelling the roses. You can get fit and healthy without being in panic mode to drop unwanted pounds.

Authors Karen Fili Sullivan and Jeri Levesque, Ed.D. have done it again by combining expertise from their professional fields of study: fitness, and education. Their added ingredient is the peace and enjoyment that comes through learning to appreciate your body and the food you eat. Your Perfect Food Plan is a companion for the popular Zen of Weight Loss which was published in 2013. It will help you design a personal fitness plan through the process of using a food and activity diary. Learn how to track your eating, exercise, and energy levels -- by actually doing it! You're provided with prompts which train you to think about how and why you eat certain foods. You'll learn to recognize clues your body gives for food that you really should not eat. NOT because someone else told you, but because your body has told you. Remember it's about the voyage -- not the destination. Your Perfect Food Plan gives you every advantage so you can get fit and stay that way. A self-help book that wants you to be able to stop dieting. It is designed to help you digest the guidance from these author's first book The Zen of Weight Loss.

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